Robert I. I. (Bob) Bondi

Galesburg/Knox County wants to grow.

Lead, follow or get out of the way!

It is an honor to be a candidate for the Ward 2 Alderman position. Thank you for taking a minute to review my platform and qualifications.

Galesburg & Knox County



I want to serve Galesburg & Knox County. I think we need improvement in how we view problems and act on them. I can bring a spirit of entrepreneurship to City & County. My family has lived here for three generations, so I have watched the city's/county's population fall for the last 50 years. I've watched our youth become well-educated by our schools and colleges, but not stay or return to Galesburg to work. I want to entice them to raise families here. To do that, we have to establish a much better environment for businesses, new and existing ones, "to thrive". With successful businesses; businesses of all kinds; businesses large and small; come jobs and population growth. With successful businesses comes a higher standard of living for all who live in Galesburg/Knox County.


Let the public know the City/County officials serves the whole community, not just those who attend meetings.

Eliminate misconceptions and be market driven.

Build Galesburg's & Knox County's  name recognition; 1) let it be known who we are, 2) that Galesburg is a great community and, 3) we are open for business!

Target Audience:

Our current citizens and businesses.

Prospective citizens, organizations and industries.

Current Beliefs:

Galesburg/Knox has no plan of attack for growth.

We have resources to serve a community of 45,000 people.

New Belief:

Galesburg/Knox Officials serves all citizens and can be of service.

A community that pulls together is an incredible force.

Come join a community that wants to grow.

Based on my experience with Galesburg, it is an amazing community to live in and be a part of; we are value driven.

The One Thing:

Galesburg/Knox must be open to new ideas and opportunities. Be available to listen to local and global messages.

Things to work on:

Community Government is getting more complex.

There is a huge growth opportunity, lets get the word out..

We want to increase business and grow our population.

There are opportunities and successes to build upon.

Call to action:

"Be dedicated to the unfinished work which our founders started here, have thus far so nobly advanced".


"From new vision, we take increased devotion to that cause for which our founding citizens gave - that we here highly resolve that these dreams shall not die" - that this community, shall have a new birth of growth and commerce. "Lead, follow or get out of the way!"

Phone: 309-343-9261

Fax: 678-392-4461


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